Kohl's Follow-Up

Kohl's Follow-Up

I neglected to mention that two of the premium wheelchair lines marketed by the company Colors in Motion and clearly aimed at the X-Games generation are the "Spazz" and "Spazz-G." ("No compromise. Ultra-Lightweight.
Ultra-Hip. Ultra-Adjustable. Ultra-Durable. Ultra-Affordable. Ultra-Positioning. Ultra-Stylish.") Given the slang usage of "spaz" to mean "from spastic, the disability," it seems that we have another derogatory inversion underway.

Also, I was informed by South Siiiide Morita that Kohl's may be appealing to residents of a nearby nursing facility, which she has heard referred to as "Cabrini Greenberg."


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Butternugget said...

In addition to the X-Games generation, they are clearly looking to hit the under estimated market of disabled fetish enthusiasts.

For example, the Spazz - I don’t know what is better, the model in a cheap latex dress (with splotchy knees) or that the inset photo of her face in the review mirror seems to be in front of a male crotch.

And, if you check out the Zephyr you will see that latex in many forms (but always on busty models) helps sell hip wheel chairs. Clearly if you buy the Spazz or Zephyr you are sure to get a spot at Bondage-a-go-go, if Exit even has that anymore.


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