Death Cab from Ali: Update

It was reported earlier this month that evandebacle was coming into the possession of Ali's car. They (evandebacle and Car) were to hang out for about two months, see the sights, and then go their separate ways. The catch was that Car had to keep from meeting the fate of previous Ali loaners, which, for lack of a better, analogy, seem to be the Spinal Tap drummers of the graduate student vehicle world. Now alarming news comes from evandebacle's unconscious mind which may hinder this well-laid plan.

evandebacle dreamt last night that the car met a mysterious fate. He spent the day with his father at a baseball game. It's assumed that it was the NY Mets. They were never at the game in the dream, but it was implied. Afterwards they got a bite to eat on the streets around the stadium. The streets resembled Florence more than Flushing, but evandebacle has not been there for some time and evandebacle hears that social engineering has come a long way since he was young. They're doing wonderful things with gentrification technology these days. In any case, when they got back to the father's house (his old house actually) there was a car in the driveway that looked like Ali's, had clearly been in an accident (side-swiped, which would prove to make no sense), but her car was gone.

Being the crime scene investigators that they are, father and son brilliantly used dream logic to deduce that there had been a horrible accident between this car and Ali's and that the town, to clean up the carnage and return the surburb to its quiet igornance that such things can take place under their noses, had disappeared Ali's car. Why take Ali's car and leave the other one in the driveway? Well, which is more frightful to a blissful suburbanite? A car that shows normal side-impact damage or a car that inexplicably was parked in a driveway one minute and then managed to cause side-impact damage to another car out in the street the next? Ali's car was abducted.

When evandebacle told Ali of this, she simply said he was becoming Bolivian (she's in Bolivia and Bolivians are quite fond of dreaming of things before they happen). Still, he's hoping she brings him back a pet alpaca to seal the transformation.


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