Two Fer Tuesday...A day late

Two Fer Tuesday...A day late

There are some days when detail just ain't happening. On such dates the dreaded "random thoughts and observations" blog entry rears its ugly head. Here goes.

Conference Room Carnival

It's usually foolhardy to blog about one's boss, but whatever. This one is pretty innocuous.

At my company, a small intimate affair with a lake view and an air of chumminess, a good lunch is one eaten in the conference room in monastic silence. This ideal state is rarely achieved because my boss is fond of talking, whether anyone listening or not. Papers can be held in front of each of our faces in an effort to relax, read, and digest our food, but still he desperately tries to engage us in whatever only he happens to be interested in. I am conspicuously not fond of listening because when I do I lose my patience with the idiocy of the conversation and engage my boss in less than civilized debate. You'll understand why.

Today wasn't going well for Boss. No one was taking the bait. I don't know what strategies they were employing. I was too busy to notice - my head down over one of the hundreds of Sudoku puzzles I keep around for just such occasions when I need to ignore the man who signs my checks. But in a brilliant oratory gambit my boss finally said something that made each of us at least cock our heads, if not actually make eye contact.

"Hey," he exclaimed "'Mardi Gras' means 'Fat Tuesday'. I didn't know that. Did you know that?"


Incidentally, other misfired conversation starters have included, "Don't you think we could get the terrorists could stop if a asteroid hit Mecca? They'd take it as a sign." and "Phil Simms isn't still playing? No way!"

Roadmap to Peace 4: Roadmap in Space!

Take note future business leaders. You might have what it takes to be a CEO.

The Theoretical Limit to Nostalgia

This gets lumped into the observation category of blog filler. I was in Target this weekend and was somewhat bewildered to see that ALF is on DVD. For the sake of disclosure, I will say that I liked ALF when it was on. My father taped it for me and I'd watch it when I went to his house once a week. I was young and there was something familiar about the dumpy, hairy, hook-nosed, bitter, sarcastic creature with a taste for strange foods. Hmmm. Wonder what that could have been about?

ALF-related humor has really never lost its appeal.

What I want to know is simple: are there any boundaries to the events, programming, and fashion that we are willing to reconsume in the name of nostalgia? My guess is, probably not. Apparently, TVLand has been airing "ALF's Hit Talk Show" for a couple of years now, starring Melmac's own Gordon Schumway. IMDB does not, however, list a movie in the works. Too bad.

Now if NBC would only release the only seaon of "The Misfits of Science," starring an adorable 21-year old Courteney Cox, then all other nostalgia would be forgiven.


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