A Caveat Emptor Quickie

A Caveat Emptor Quickie

This may be the oddest buyer beware experience I've had. It was a friend's birthday this week and I figured that I had to get him a pretty decent gift since he is both a good friend and one who keeps me well-stocked with free stuff quite consistently. I decided on a rather grown up guy gift: a nice bottle of scotch. Scotch knowledge is not my strong suit, so I sought the advice of the round, messy-haired proprietor with the reddish Brimley-esque mustache and the big ol' wire glasses at the liquor store. I told him my requirements and he honed in.

"Glenfiddich is good for your price, but really The Balvenie is a great 12 year old for the value."

Awesome. As I whip out the plastic I am really, really pleased that my purchase is authentic-sounding even though I've never heard of it, which in turn is good since it makes it uncommon. Then, as my card is being swiped, my Single Malt Swami off-handed says, "Well, at least I've heard that one is good. I haven't used the stuff in 18 years...since I started taking lithium."

[sound effect of needle being dragged across a record]


At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Shannon said...

Heeeey, only two lousy posts in 10 days?!!? Always-in-Transit has blogged way more than that. Evan, you're suffering from a "blog gap". Summon your copious vocabulary and do your patriotic (blogtrotic?) duty!

At 7:29 AM, Blogger evandebacle said...

I feel shame.


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