Putting the Lord Back in Lord Stanley's Cup

On the shopping beat, here's one that the collector of Anachronistic Christ Absurdities in your life will surely cherish. It's the gift that will be adding fuel to the fire that Jesus may have walked around not on water, but on some errant ice in the Sea of Galilee ("Son of God my ass! He's just as bad as those schmucky dogs that end up in the freakin' Lake every February."). Or maybe you need a Guide as you try to figure where to find the Outdoor Life Network so you can actually watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Perhaps you just want to put to the test whether He's way cool enough to score more goals than Wayne Gretzky. For whatever reason, it's the Jesus Hockey Sports Statue.

Also note that this appears to be the only of Catholic Shopping's statues in which Christ is wearing regulation footwear, skates instead of his signature sandals. Although he needs to get better positioning on those two kids. They're just going to lift his stick up before he gets to the puck. Jesus may be Magic, but he sure as hell isn't Canadian.

Many thanks to Prof. Holly for pointing this Jesus Gem out.


At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Rev Transit said...

Jesus saves but Gretzky puts in the rebound, according to the Ribbon Man.

At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Sarah Owen said...

Evan made me do this, I mean, how cool is he? And how funny is this blog? He's the cleverest American I know...


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