And There Was Much Rejoicing

Not only was I met with the news this morning that a project that has been on the brink of disaster for the past two weeks has basically been nipped in the bud, but I also found this headline: "'Knight Rider' coming to big screen." Thank Jeebus! I have been wondering for a long time what kept my favorite transport-centric show as a kid (Sorry, Airworlf) from coming to the big screen. And I'm not kidding either. I loved this stupid show. I wanted to talk to cars through my watch. I felt it was every American's right to have equal access to turbo boost. And when KITT had to face his arch nemesis Goliath, well, that was the shit.

No sufficient explanation was ever given to me about why the show hadn't been adapted before. Surely there was interest. It has all the nostalgia you could want. The show is a natural for gratuitous special effects. And the opportunities to sell sex are obvious. Mechanic Bonnie Barstow was the thinking man's Daisy Duke after all. The only conclusion to be made was that Hasselhoff was somehow blocking it. Didn't want any reminders of life before he went up-market with Baywatch I guess.

This leaves me with wondering about whether The A-Team will make the jump. Tough call. It could be really entertaining. The plots were simplistic, the case of Good v. Evil, but the characters were more or less likable so that was fine. There was a little humor. A Rube Goldberg-meets-Rambo set of booby traps were set up. Before you knew it the bad guys jeeps were flipping over with dramatic, but non-lethal finality and the Little Guy won the day. What I fear is not the continued formulaic formulae, but the casting. I don't care about Face and Mr. T would have to reprise BA, but who'd be Hannibal? They wouldn't have Jim Carrey as Murdoch would they? Ugh. Nostalgia makes me anxious.


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