Split Virtuality

Split Virtuality

I am here and there. That is, I am trying to get my web legs and decide whether it is best to be a Blogger or an LJer. Are there different characteristics of each? Is it like being part of different cliques in school? Will there be a remake of The Breakfast Club featuring wayward reps of each blogging site who learn to empathize with one another even if they'd never acknowledge each other in the chat rooms or on message boards. Is it even possible to have two Debaclypses now, even if they have little or nothing to do with each other? Or worse still, is it taboo if I post the exact same things on each? Hmmm. Quandaries.

If you have insight on the cultural differences of different blog site devotees (rituals, language nuances, rites de passage, etc.) please pass the word along in comment form.


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