Since I'm Sure You Want To Know

Today I:
  • Met with my client and learned I had the day off.
  • Ate Kalua Pig. Succulent.
  • Climbed into the rainforest in the Manoa Valley and saw something billed as Manoa Falls, but could be more accurately described as Manoa Trickle.
  • Learned a valuable lesson about the utility of Converse All-Stars as the hiking shoe of choice in the Manoa Valley.
  • Encountered a woman whose job it is to hold up a sign advertising self-storage while she wore an aloha shirt and army fatigue pants.
  • Swam in ocean.
  • Saw, for the first time, a motorcycle with both a sidecar and handicap license plates.
  • Decided that Polynesians, while they have gorgeous skin, must suffer from a lack of goth culture because of that very attribute.


At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Rev Transit said...

Sounds like some kind of paradise.

At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Shannon said...

Imagine how much MORE beautiful it could all be if the rain forests were "thinned" and Wal-marts were built! The black pavement of the parking lots would go so well with the pummice! Think out of the box, people!


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