Stomach Hostage Freed: An Epilogue

Stomach Hostage Freed: An Epilogue

A little update for everyone as my detox concluded with a collision between burger and bun. Truly though it will be thoroughly pushed out of mind with tonight's highly anticipated ingestion of the BBQ brisket sandwich at the Horseshoe. To quote the future Mrs. Fujisan, "It's super-fantastic!" (Yay!)

Overall, I'd say that the experience was good. I feel a bit better, generally, though I have hardly been transformed. Granted, I cheated myself by not exercising enough. That is something I simply have to force myself to do. Running sucks, there is no gym in Lincoln Square (well, Women's Workout World, but I'm not sure that we're a good fit for one another), and my commute makes going somewhere to workout before heading to the office pretty onerous. These are all excuses, of course, and the "Evan is lazy" factor looms large over all of them. Still, it was a ritual kick in the ass for my poor eating habits...that is if habits have asses.

I have not yet had a cup of coffee (the closest I came was a masala chai after lunch) and I am trying to stick to more reasonable breakfasts and lunches at work. The 720 cal. muffin has not shown its face. Though I did happily break into the Shalene Basket of Temptation and eat a Reeses' peanut butter egg last night. Oh yeah. I am very much looking forward to seeing Fujisan, Soon-To-Be-Mrs. Fujisan, Butternugget, Broken Cherry, et. al. in the smoky and sweet BBQ confines in a few hours.

p.s. If G-d is listening, wasn't I great for Passover? I did it for you, M-n!


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Butternugget said...

I have two things to say that have little to do with the actual entry but are all about the links.

To start, nice link for Soon-To-Be-Mrs. Fujisan, and second, I almost bought you that bag of plagues two weeks ago when I was shopping at a party store, but when they didn’t have what I went to buy I left and forgot all about the bag of plagues.


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